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Infant CPR Manikin Operation method

Source:http://www.chinonmed.com/news/9.htmlRelease time:2017-10-20

If you want to learn the operation procedure of infant emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you can look for the professional companies that manufacture emergency training models to purchase a infant CPR manikin, so that you can deal with it easily when you face some emergency situation.
The professional infant CPR manikin which can warn you to make the operation correct if the wrong press or position occur. It is a very mature and professional product in the domestic and foreign markets. The full set of infant CPR manikin includes the body, a controller and a suitcase. After the operation, the controller will show the operation situation on the screen.
When we meet this situation, we should check if the child has breathing and heartbeat. For example the child's lips are purple or pale, slow or stop breathing, no response after stimulation, pulse can not touch, precordial area without jumping feeling, may breathe, heartbeat is stopped, to immediately in the field artificial respiration and chest cardiac compression.
CPR specific method is, to let child patient in the supine position, unlock the neck button, use the hand to pull out the foreign matter from the mouth and pharyngeal, if the respiratory tract has sewage, blood clots or vomit, should try to suck out, so keep the airway clear. Rescuer holds the chin, let the head fully in the hypsokinesis, to avoid the tongue back, to ensure that the airway is clear; The other hand holds his nose, then deep breath, blow to the child patient’s mouth , will see  child chest bulges, and then leave his mouth and relax the nose.
In the meanwhile , child patient’s chest will fall down and exhales. So repeated, and go on, blowing about 20 times per minute. If the child is young, the frequency can be slightly faster, but not more than 40 times per minute, please do not  give up until the child recovers the spontaneous breathing. As long as the pulse is on, pupil  is contraction from mydriasis,  it means child has chance to recover. Each blow should not be too much, in order to make children with chest and abdomen raise slightly, if too much, it can causes the child alveolar rupture.
Chest Pressing Method: lying the drowning children on the hard board or flat  floor, when doing mouth to mouth artificial breathing,the rescuer put the left palm on the infant’s Precordial area, right hand fist and knock left hand back several times to make the heart back to jump.
Strength is based on the age of the child, if the older child, the power should be larger, whether effective or not, should be followed by the implementation of chest cardiac compression.
Put a palm or two hands in the lower part of the sternum (the level of the middle of the two nipples), Straighten the elbow and do press exercise, force cannot be too much to prevent rib fractures, pneumothorax, liver rupture and 
other complications, about 80 times per minute.
If two people with the rescue, should do mouth to mouth artificial respiration and chest cardiac compression at the same time, according to the ratio of 15: 2, that is, every press 15 times, artificial respiration twice, repeated alternately at least 20 cycles, and then observe the pulse or heart beating.

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