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Nursing practice skills and psychology

Source:http://www.chinonmed.com/news/10.htmlRelease time:2017-12-18

Nursing staff not only to master the professional nursing

model practice skills but also to master nursing psychology


With the development of modern nursing and nursing concept, the hospital care work should combine the patients’spsychological research with nursing studies. It is supposed to change the center of the disease to the center of human health, and master nursing psychology. It is general that surgical patient’s mental states with different psychological status of internal medicine and other non-surgical patients, they have a more special psychological needs and psychological reactions. Surgery is the main treatment of general surgical diseases, and surgery is a traumatic treatment, often coexist with the risk


Patients may feel scared of the pain during the operation, or worry about the after-effects of the operation, leading to psychological fear, irritability, depression, insomnia at night, even depression. This may brings the deteriorative condition, can also lead to organ dysfunction, decreased immunity, and directly affect the recovery after operation.

Therefore, medical workers should learn both professional nursing skills by the medical models and the patient's psychological circumstance before the operation, give mental nursing intervention on the basis of conventional care, help the patient's body and mind to be the best condition for the following treatment and care.


Nurses need to collect the basic information from the patients who are hospitalized for surgery, includes the different cultural backgrounds, different occupations, ethnicity, age, gender and patients with different mental states to lead the corresponding nursing plan, and use the brief words to explain the purpose of the operation, process, precautions, anesthesia and surgical position, postoperative pain, postoperative effects and so on. In order to do the preoperative psychological care, psychological activity in patients with varying degrees of impact, preoperative common psychological problems are anxiety, fear and pessimism. So as to eliminate the patient's anxiety and anxiety, to make patients understand their own diseases and operation methods and anesthesia methods, obtain the trust of patients, and encourage the patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease in the same cases. At the same time, the operating room nurses and anesthetists should communicate with the patients one day before the operation to help alleviate or dispel the patients' fear of the operation, so that the patients have a preliminary and approximate understanding of the operation such as anesthesia, pain during anesthesia and the any aftereffects on the human body to promote the patient's confidence in the operation.


Surgical psychological care, due to the operating room circumstance and medical staffs are different, possibly bring patients with the repressed, nervous, terrifying feeling. For this purpose, when the patient comes to the operating room, the nurse should introduce the operating room environment, any cooperation the patients need to do and relevant precautions. Nurses and doctors need to encourage patients to eliminate excessive scruples. If the patents are overstress, should be promptly comforted, introduced to patients the safety of the operation and surgeon's professional quality, enhance patient confidence .

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