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  • Shanghai Chinon Medical Model & Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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Our main products include: Emergency CPR, Nursing Skills, Diagnosis, Clinical Medicine, Pediatrics&OB/GYN, TCM and Dissection Model.

Total thousands of series.

The model in the purchase date of one year or the contract signed by the warranty period, in the event of any manufacturing process or original (except man-made) failure of quality problems, we are responsible for free maintenance services. And commitment to life-long maintenance, user pay the fees.

Our goal: to become China's first brand of medical education industry

Our aim: to enhance the level of rescue of each individual rescue workers

Our services: providing user-oriented simulation training products, as well as medical laboratory overall solution


ISO9001 quality management system certification
ISO14001 environmental management quality system certification.
Shanghai Teaching Equipment Industry Association
Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

The company departments and responsibilities, flexible and efficient, formed a research and development, production, marketing, technical support, after-sales service as one of the good collaboration system.

In order to maintain the long-term competitiveness of enterprises, we have obtaines a major breakthrough in the production mold and the material production process, also the core technology research development.
More than 10 system products, the overall parameters of the authority of the sector audit,have been the Standard developers, to achieve world-class level.

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